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EverDry Soak Pit
Precast Readymade Septic Tank - soak pit

There are three basic components in any on site sewer managment / treatment facility. These are known as “The sewer pipe” connected to Septic Tank, “The Septic Tank” itself and “Soakage Well” or Soak Pit or Seepage Pit constructed in soil. The Soak well constructed in soil is very important to the operation of septic system because microorganism found in the soil help digest or remove most impurities from the effluent before it reaches to the groundwater. The “Soak Pit” or Soakage Pit or well is an area located slightly away from the septic tank.

After partial treatment the wastewater enters into the soak pit for further treatment by the soil. Over the period of time; the conventional soak pit constructed by old design can get saturated by heavy water loads so having a spare Soak Pit or drain field, can help in the event when main drain field or soak pit fails. Once the wastewater leaves the septic tank and enters the drain field it will begin infiltrating into the soil where final treatment begins by removing bacteria, viruses and nutrients. Generally, people use Soak Pit those works completely on anaerobic (with out oxygen) conditions. The digestion rate of sludge or waste particles by anaerobic bacteria is slow compared to aerobic bacteria. Because of that; untreated sludge form a thick layer all around the pit and the old designed soak pits get saturated quickly and need pumping at very early stage. We install and construct the gravel less & without bricks EverDry Soak Pit that absorb more sewer then conventional one because EverDry Soak Well utilize same absorbing space many times.

EverDry Soak Pit / Well installed by us does not require any electric power or aeration pump. Our Soak Pit / Well treats the effluent discharged from our BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys called Readymade or Precast Septic Tank anaerobically; almost completely & eliminates early saturation. You may save lot of time and money if you choose to have this EverDry Soak well / pit in your dream home. More Details ...

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