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comparison of septic tank
Precast Readymade Septic Tank - soak pit
                                 Conventional Septic Tank #                   EmptiNil BioFurnaX - 51 ##
1 Designed & developed on or before 1970, almost 35 years ago.

Designed and developed as per latest trends and technology.

2 Has two, three or one and half round or rectangular chambers.

Has settling, supplementary and FinFiltration arrangements.

3 Particles may travel from one to another chamber.

Double wall “H” interconnection stops particles.

4 Filtration arrangement has not been attached.

FinFilter is attached for final filtration.

5 Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Technology is absent.

UASC technology has been adopted for filtration.

6 Round shape Septic system of same type called Shankar Balram Septic
Tank was tested by CBRI & found setbacks as follows:

A) - Modification is needed in outlet connection
B) - Arrangements should be made to dilute the effluent
C) – Up flow filtration should be used for treatment

EmptiNil BioFurnaX is based on latest technology and advancements have been made to enhance it’s efficiency:

A) Outlet has been modified as per advice
B) Arrangement is present for dilution
C) Filtration arrangement has been attached
7 No technological advancement has been made so for.
BioFurnaX is a technologically upgraded septic tank.
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